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YouTube SEO - Researching YouTube Before You Start

Let understand more about YouTube - Part II

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Before you ever upload a video to YouTube or even think about creating a video, it is helpful to do some thorough keyword research in your target market and find out what keywords are popular and what types of videos get tons of views.

The Search Process - Like any search engine, visitors at are presented with a search box as the main mechanism for finding videos of interest. Using keywords, YouTube users find videos of interest and then are presented with related videos that they can add to their viewing list or watch immediately.

With basic keyword research on YouTube, you can discover what types of videos are popular. You simple type in the keyword and look at the thumbnail picture, title, keyword tags and view count of the videos in the search results.

Researching Keywords With The YouTube Search Function - The popularity of a video can be gauged by looking at the view count and it is important to see that there are two ways that videos results are returned: By the title of the video and the 'tags' used to describe the video.

By all appearances, the "tags" are the most important keyword reference to optimize (though knowing that the company is owned by Google, and Google's secretive ranking measure, we are not 100% sure that tags are the only ranking factor)

In fact, these are probably the 2 most important optimization tools that you can use to get your video viewed many, many times. Fortunately, most YouTube users are not experts at keyword optimization and only tag their videos with a few related keywords.

With a little though and brainstorming, you can make your videos found. Online research tools may be useful to find great keywords such as WordTracker and it would be a great investment your time to get all of the very best keywords and put them in the tags list for each of your videos. If you start with a keyword list from WordTracker and then check your best keywords one by one using YouTube's search feature, you will get a pretty good idea of how competitive your niche is.

Keys To YouTube Success:

1. You should use the search refinement features when doing keyword research if you want to get the most efficient results for your marketing effort.
2. After you've created a YouTube account and uploaded some videos, take the time to create a custom profile and your own custom channel information. You should also create at least one group, and you may want to create a playlist if you have more than 1 video. This will give you a big advantage when people sort for "Channels", "Groups" and "Playlists".
3. It helps to make a video that is worth watching!

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