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YouTube - One of the largest innovations in Internet history..

Let understand more about YouTube - Part 1

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YouTube appears to be one of the largest technological revolutions in the history of the internet and is changing the entire face of the media.

While online video has been around for quite some time, prior to YouTube, there was really no easy or practical way to share video on the internet. Videos were long and slow loading, and required separate software to view them. If you ever tried watching video prior to YouTube, you may know how frustrating it was.

YouTube revolutionized online video by developing a technology that easily allows people to watch videos in the web browser, as well as embed YouTube videos in remote websites. The embedding feature can be a huge advantage in promotion as you can easily place numerous videos on your websites, blogs, MySpace pages and practically any other page where you can add html code.

Unlike its predecessors, the video from YouTube actually streams nicely from the internet, even on a wide range of internet connection speeds. Video play starts almost immediately and videos can be paused and rewinded for careful viewing.

While the majority of videos are posted by amateurs looking for laughs, notoriety, and 15 minutes of internet fame, a savvy internet marketer will find that this service can be used to drive traffic to websites, get sales messages to potential buyers, and to marketing products and services.

Also, this traffic is relatively inexpensive. Almost free. Online video sites pay for all of the bandwidth for the videos, and most sites host the videos as long as you want to keep them up. So once you've covered the initial cost of making the video, your investment may pay off for months or even years without additional fees.

In fact, as videos get more views, they tend to increase in popularity due to the ranking systems of video sites which tend to favour videos with high view counts in their rankings.

Due to the "newness" of this advertising medium, you can gain a sizeable advantage before this method of promotion become competitive.

The bar for promotion with online video is currently set very, low and the competition is not fierce like it is in SEO. While having a well ranked video on YouTube is certainly not the equivalent of having a top ranking page for your best keyword in Google, it is comparatively easier to accomplish and may yield fantastic results immediately.

It is easy to get many people to view your videos on almost any keyword you choose and it is possible to get a top ranked video in YouTube's search results with little efforts even with lousy videos.

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